Our Story

The ability to hold items between the thumb and any finger, or pincer grasp as it is occasionally referred to, allows one to use the pincer grip. It makes it possible for an infant to carefully pick up and put down little objects using their thumb and their index finger. For future skills like handwriting, the pincer grasp is crucial. If a child holds a pencil incorrectly, they won't have adequate control over it, which will affect the quality of their handwriting in later years. Little Pegz was designed to develop the pincer grip in a way that would be fun and would stimulate the kids mentally so that they would be happy to repeat the same game or exercise, all whilst strengthening those fine motor skill muscles.

King’s love of woodwork drove the passion to incorporate reclaimed rubber trees as the base product for Little Pegz. When designing Little Pegz, King knew that it would be made using only the finest quality wood.  Having grown up as the daughter of a reputable builder, she knew firsthand the magic that could be created from this organic product. Little Pegz would become the first Australian business to specialise in wooden peg boards.

Being a company that could pride itself on giving back to the Earth, rather than just taking from it, has always been of up-most importance to this small, family-run business. Caring and loving for the environment have always come before making a profit- if King wasn’t able to ensure that her business model was 100% sustainable, then there was to be no business for her. Guy McPherson, a renowned scientist, said it best when he said, “if you really think that the environment is less important than the economy, try holding your breath while you count your money.” Now before you get your wallet out and try counting your cash with a big gulp of air sitting in your mouth resembling a puffer fish, understand that Little Pegz was created solely based on King’s vision; to do good for the Earth, whilst doing good for the children- our future leaders of the world. King smiles when she proudly explains that this business is dedicated to parents who want to safeguard the planet, to help children appreciate nature and the value of looking after it.